Nourish Nova Scotia

Program Resources

Nourish Nova Scotia believes we have a collective responsibility to support child health and learning, not only for the sake of the child, but for our future social prosperity. We believe that if you teach kids to eat “real food” early on they will be great eaters throughout life, and that good food equals good thinking. Our motivation is simple: children who eat well-balanced and healthy meals have better health and education outcomes.

Eating well, being active, and making informed choices for health takes more than willpower. Nutrition policies and programs can help ensure that the healthy choice is the easy choice to make for the entire school community - students, staff, volunteers, and their families. Nourish Nova Scotia’s work is guided by the Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Public Schools. The objective of the policy is to help make the healthy food and beverage choice the easy choice in the school setting.

Nourish Nova Scotia provides resources to support food and nutrition programs that help cultivate nutrition knowledge, food skills and healthy eating practices. The following resources are available to support food and nutrition programs:

Edible School Gardens

Edible School Gardens (ESG) provide children and youth with an experiential learning opportunity with cross-curricular teaching potential. ESGs are linked to increased academic performance as well as numerous nutritional, mental and physical health outcomes.