Nourish Nova Scotia

Our Story


We believe that if you teach kids to eat “real food” early on they will be great eaters throughout life, and that good food = good thinking. Our motivation is simple: children who eat well-balanced and healthy meals have better health and education outcomes.

We’ve reached a tipping point, literally, on the scales. This generation of Nova Scotia children and youth, have among the highest overweight and obesity rates in the country. If things continue in this direction, this is the first generation with a life expectancy anticipated to be shorter than that of its parents. We want to help turn this trend around, rebuild a healthy eating culture and champion a ‘good food’ movement.

We at Nourish Nova Scotia want to help create real change, beginning with children and youth. Our intention is to focus on environments where this group spends the majority of their structured time... the school setting. We want to support programs and policies that make this the healthiest environment possible. One where students and parents can feel assured that food served and offered at school promotes health and learning, and where making the healthy choice is the easy choice.

Our desire for today’s children and youth and the generations to come is to understand, appreciate and value real food. Nourish Nova Scotia wants to foster a desire to learn about nutrition, cook from scratch, plan real food meals, and celebrate traditions surrounded with good food. We want to arm our youth with knowledge and food literacy skills so they can better understand what nourishment means to the body, what local farmers and producers mean for our economic and social prosperity, and how to connect the dots between the garden and table.

Nourish Nova Scotia programs focus on children and youth but their reach impacts parents and families, school staff and the broader community. We know that children bring home what they learn at school and because of this, Nourish Nova Scotia supports programs focused in school communities.

Established in 2012, Nourish Nova Scotia is a registered charity that supports the health, education and well-being of children and youth throughout the province.

Nourish Nova Scotia supports include:

  • Financial support-sustaining grants
  • Program support and resources (best practice standards, food safety training, nutrition education, fundraising resources, volunteer supports etc.)
  • Facilitation of sharing and networking among people and programs to build capacity
  • Nutrition expertise-the Nourish Nova Scotia Board of Directors has five nutritionists and one home economist with vast experience in community based nutrition programming - from grass-roots to policy.

Currently Nourish Nova Scotia supports more than 350 community-owned, volunteer run nutrition programs around the province. In 2015-2016 we helped serve 5 million breakfast meals in schools and communities in Nova Scotia... This is our beginning, our foundational program from which all other Nourish Nova Scotia programs and initiatives will be built.