Nourish Nova Scotia

Volunteer for Nourish


Nourish Nova Scotia is a province-wide, non-profit organization that supports nourishment and food literacy programs in school communities. Our goal is to support the nutritional well-being of children and youth and to build their food knowledge and skills so they can feed themselves well into a healthier future.

We would like to engage you in a way that excites and empowers you….   Won’t you help us grow?  Submit a Volunteer Expression of Interest to and we will be in touch.

We have in-house nutrition expertise and other great skills sets, but we are looking to broaden our volunteer support to take us to the next level. Do you want to help us get there?

Here are some skills and expertise we are looking for... and we’re always open to new suggestions!

Paper to Pen Opportunities

  • Grant writing
  • Resource development
  • Copy editing
  • Story telling
  • Communications expertise

Artistic Opportunities

  • Write a song for us
  • Photo and graphic design skills
  • Video shorts

Facilitation and Leadership Opportunities

  • Hosting/co-hosting workshops
  • Student liaisons
  • Become a member, board or ad-hoc committee member
  • Program development
  • Policy, planning and strategic development


  • Social media campaign
  • Signature campaigns
  • Volunteer for a special project, function or event.


  • Site and social media upkeep and maintenance

Specialty Skills

  • Bookkeeping, accounting & auditing
  • Administrative support
  • Legal advice
  • Evaluation and research

Connect with us, telling us your area of interest at: