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Edible School Gardens


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Edible school gardens provide a hands-on learning opportunity that can be integrated into the school curriculum. There are many benefits of an edible school garden including:

  • Students learn about their food and where it comes from
  • Opportunity to taste new vegetables and fruit and increase intake
  • Reinforcement of nutrition lessons taught in school
  • Hands-on approach to learn about the environment and sustainability
  • Real life experiences to teach math and literacy
  • Team work and relationship-building opportunities
  • Physical activity

As Nourish Nova Scotia grows, it is our intent to offer funding to new school/community-based nutrition programming such as edible gardens.  In the meantime, Nourish supports these initiatives through the sharing of information and resources as listed below:

NEW Edible School Gardens: Summer Sustainability
Ideas suggested by current NS ESG leaders and supporters.

Edible School Garden Newsletters (updates on the Edible School Garden province-wide program, along with links to resources and inspirational garden stories):
What's Growing: Edible School Garden Newsletter - June 2017
Edible School Garden Newsletter - May 2017

Edible School Garden Newsletter Sign-Up
This newsletter will be sent approximately four times per year and will include updates on the work of the ESG advisory committee and working groups.  It will also include gardening tips and success stories from NS Edible School Gardens.   

Growing Together: Edible School Gardens in Nova Scotia
A Summary of Sharing, Learning & Actions - November 29, 2016

Green Schools Nova Scotia
A project of Efficiency Nova Scotia. Among many other objectives, they encourage growing your own food to reduce the distance your food needs to travel. 

School Garden Guide, Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture 
A guide with advice on starting a school food garden, resources available to schools in Nova Scotia, curriculum links which can integrate the garden into lesson plans.

School Programs, Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture
Agricultural school programs for Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools.

HRSB Edible Gardens Video
A short video highlighting the great things happening with Edible School Gardens in the Halifax Regional School Board.

Food Action, Committee, Ecology Action Centre
Supporting efforts to be more self-reliant in food within Nova Scotia. 

Strive for Five at School!
Takes healthy eating in the school system a step further, focusing on promoting and preparing in-season local fruits and vegetables.

Learning resources with information on sustainable agriculture, including teacher resources and program manuals.

Healthy Fundraising
Ideas and resources to support healthy fundraising for school nutrition programs.

Vacations and Gardening
Tips for maintaining a healthy garden while you're away on vacation.

Ideas and resources to support recruitment, recognition and retention of volunteers for school nutrition programs.