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School / Community: HRSB Take Action Society

“The Take Action Society” Outdoor Classroom and Community Garden is located behind Harbour View Elementary School and has become an active space that is utilized by the community most of the year. From early spring start-up activities, outdoor movie nights, to late fall harvest and clean-up, this space has become a community centerpiece for activity and interaction. Children, families, schools and other community groups are coming together to maximize the use of this space by focusing on community spirit and pride in the project. Before “The Take Action Society” created the Outdoor Classroom and Community Garden there was an abundance of criminal activity taking place at the school. There hasn’t been a broken window at the school, nor has there been any visible [criminal activity] taking place on the school grounds since the project has been complete in 2012. In addition, instead of chowing down on chips and chocolate bars, the youth are very eager to fill up their baggies with fresh beans, peas, cherry tomatoes, spinach, etc. The youth then go home with the fresh vegetables which then encourages the parents to partake in the Community Garden.

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