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#NourishBrownBag Challenge


Make Your Lunch Matter

A simple lunch to help kids across Nova Scotia

Good Eating = Good Thinking.  Healthy school food programs ensure that kids are well-nourished and better prepared for the classroom and in life.

Make Lunch.  Donate.  Pass it on! 

1- Pack yourself a healthy homemade lunch.  Take a photo or video of you making - or enjoying - your lunch.

2- Make a donation to Nourish to support healthy school food programs for Nova Scotia's children and youth.  Donate your lunch money. 

3- Share your picture or video on social media using #NourishBrownBag and tag a friend (or two) to take the challenge too.  Tell us why you took the challenge:  Who nominated you?  Who are you nominating?  Did you donate monthly?  What Nourish programs are most important to you?  How does the work of Nourish inspire you?

Need some inspiration?

  • Make Your Lunch Matter Poster with the three simple steps to the #NourishBrownBag Challenge
  • Nourish volunteer, makes a healthy lunch for her colleages at National PR - see the story here
  • Master Merchant Systems #NourishBrownBag Challenge video
  • Search #NourishBrownBag on Facebook or Twitter

Fill your #NourishBrownBag with your own healthy favourites or try something new!

  • There is nothing more portable than fruit & apple season is here!!
  • Whole grains for wraps & sandwiches:  tuna, egg, turkey, chicken-sliced or diced, salmon
  • Sushi, satays, skewers
  • Quinoa and brown rice for salads and sides
  • Fresh vegetables with hummus and dips
  • For hydration, bottled water is a great choice
  • Try one of our great recipes!

Think outside the bag! 

  • Get creative with your #NourishBrownBag - add some art, quotes or stickers.
  • Have a potuck with friends or colleages.
  • Make a new recipe to share - post it along with your photo/video.
  • Have a #NourishBrownBag day at your office and challenge another office/company to take the challenge too.

Thanks for participating in the #NourishBrownBag Challenge!

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